All common areas are maintained by a contractor that is paid by dues collected from members. During the year volunteers are invited to clean up the park, beach area, and tennis courts. These areas are gated so that they remain available to Association members only. Keys/combinations are given to homeowners and we strongly encourage them to lock the gates after entering and exiting those locked areas. This is important to protect the property that we all value as Bayshore residents. 
Reservations for the amenities can be made under the Member Reservations page
Tennis Park
The tennis park contains a playground area, picnic shelter, basketball goal, nature trail, grass field for ball games, and tennis/pickleball courts. Two tennis courts (one of which also has markings for pickleball) are available for Association members to reserve. The playground equipment and picnic shelter are located adjacent to the tennis court.
Lake Park
We have an outdoor pavilion with a fireplace and picnic area that can be reserved by members for special events and is used for community picnics throughout the year. Reservations can be made through the Members page.
We have a community boat ramp and courtesy dock, a rare amenity for any neighborhood, and protected swim area with a beach and swim platform. The lake park also has outdoor spaces for children to play and there are canoe/kayak/SUP racks for community members (based on availability). 
Park Rules 
1) In all activities and use of the park and facilities, members are solely responsible for themselves, their children and their guests. The members who reserve the park are accountable for the actions of their guests and must be present at the function.
2) There is a $25 non-refundable fee to reserve the park pavilion. Church and non-profit service organizations are free. The fee is intended to support park maintenance. Payment is due prior to the event and should be completed online or mailed to Bayshore Treasurer at P.O. Box 913, Seneca, SC 29679.
3) Guests are allowed to use park facilities only when accompanied by a host member or members. Do not invite friends when you cannot be there to greet them and let them in the the gate. Parking on the street is prohibited. Cars blocking driveways and park entrances are subject to towing at the owner's expense.
4) Park property and facilities may be used by groups of which a member is a part, but not to the exclusion of any or all other members of the Association.
5) The pavilion area to the left of the entrance will be reserved for groups. The beach and swim area will always be available to members when the shelter area is reserved for group gatherings.
6) Any member(s) using the shelter area must clean up the area after use. We have no trash service. Groups are responsible for removing their own trash and garbage. Failure to do so may result in the loss of privileges to use the area.
7) Dogs should not be allowed to venture into neighboring private properties. Remember, the Oconee County Leash Law still applies in our park.
8)The reservations manager will maintain a calendar of requests for group use on this website on a first come, first served basis. The manager will verify that the property owner's dues are current and will send a tentative confirmation pending receipt of payment and acknowledgement of the park rules.
9)The size of the group shall not be so great as to require parking outside the gate in the  street. There is plenty of parking beyond the pavilion. Cars blocking driveways and park entrances are subject to towing at the owner's expense.
10) Excessive noise and loud music are not allowed at functions in the park area. Please respect your neighbors who live near the park.
11) The sheriff's Office will routinely patrol the area and has permission to enter the park area.
12) Illegal substances are strictly prohibited at functions in the park area.
13) The park closes at 11:00 pm Sunday - Thursday and 12:00 midnight on the Friday and Saturday.  No one should be in the park area when it is closed.
Beach Restrictions
1) Pets are not allowed on the beach.
2) Boats/PWC's are not allowed in the swimming area.
3) Fishing is not allowed in the swimming area.
4) Children under 12 are not permitted to swim unless accompanied by an adult. (A 14 year old is not an adult!)
5) Pushing, shoving, wrestling and other horseplay is not permitted on the docks.
6) Cars and boats should not be washed on the ramp, allowing soap and oil to drain into the lake.
7) Vehicles, trailers and boats should be parked off the road away from the launching ramp area. Motorcycles and other off-road vehicles should not be ridden off the designated road through the park.