The Benefits Of A Neighborhood Watch Program
1. Neighborhood policing by you and your neighbors, together with your own        police or Sheriff, creates a greater sense of security, well being, and reduction of fear of crime because you know you and your neighbors will “LOOK OUT              FOR EACH OTHER!”
2. Reduce the risk of being a crime victim. You are given tips on preventative           measures that substantially decrease the likelihood of becoming a crime             victim.
3. The Neighborhood Watch program teaches you how to observe and report            suspicious activities occurring in your neighborhood. It trains you on what            information law enforcement officers need when you report a crime and why.
4. Knowing your neighbors is an important feature and benefit of this program.           You need to know their regular patterns so you can see when something is           unusual.  You should know how to contact them quickly.  Being aware of the         goings-on in your neighborhood is not invading anyone’s privacy or snooping, it is guarding against trouble or any situation which could be dangerous to your       neighborhood.  It simply comes down to the motto, “WE LOOK OUT FOR EACH               OTHER!” 
5. Posting Watch signs on your street and labels or decals in your windows tells a     criminal that:
                       •  You are not an easy target.
                       •  They are probably being watched.
                       •  You have taken steps necessary to deter crime in your area.

 Who You Gonna Call?
1.   Call 9-1-1 for any crime, fire, or serious medical problem in progress or                   suspected to be in progress.   

When you call.......The first words you will hear are: "9-1-1 What is your         emergency?"  Make your answer as clear as possible.  State first if it is a               crime, fire, or medical emergency.

Describe your emergency.......Stay on the line.  Answer all questions calmly and clearly.  Follow the direction of the operator, he or she is trained for                 emergency situations and will guide you through the entire process with their         questions and instructions.

Stay on the line..........DO NOT HANG UP UNTIL THE DISPATCHER TELLS YOU TO!   While the operators are talking with you, they are relaying information to the appropriate agency through a computerized dispatch system.  If the fire, medical or police responders have a question, they will go back through their dispatcher to the operator talking to you.  For this reason it is important that you, STAY ON THE LINE AND NEVER HANG UP UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO!

2.   If the situation is not an emergency.  Use your law enforcement agency's               regular phone number (For Oconee County Sheriff's Office call 638-4111).  Non-emergencies include crimes which have already occurred, including burglary, theft or other crimes which are non-life threatening.
3.  If something has happened which, you feel the Bayshore Board or even our           entire association should be aware.  Call or email any board member.  Board        members email addresses are on the "Board of Directors Page" and phone numbers are in the Bayshore Directory.
"No soliciting Please" Signs  have been added to four of the Neighborhood Watch signs.  These signs are intended to discourage soliciting in our neighborhood.  If you don't want solicitors, it can help you to refer to the signs and ask them to go.

However, you need to know that soliciting is not illegal.  We cannot bar them from the neighborhood.  It will do no good to call the  police, they will not be arrested, unless they are on your property and refuse to leave.

The Board of Directors would like our membership to know that these signs are not directed toward our Bayshore residents when soliciting their neighbors for non-profit organizations such as Girl Scouts, etc..