Annual Meeting April  2019
Chairperson: Bill and Carolyn Brown

W. Brown       Slaney            West
Howle            W. Stone                       Pate              Thomas
Shelburne      Titus  

July Fourth Picnic  2019
Chairperson: Doug and Debbie Paul 

Balif         Joyner        Paul  
Carwile     Kohler        Schulenburg
Cregar      Nicholson   

Labor Day Picnic  2019
Chairperson: Richard & April Warner

Armentrout   Grau          Riley
Carls            Hutson      Schmoll
Egan            Molin         Warner
Fredendall     Phillips 

Annual Meeting April  2018
Chairperson:  Donnie & Dale White

Austin       Dominguez    Kirmss
Chapman   Fain              White
Cook         Hand             J. Williams
Cope         Kidd  

July Fourth Picnic  2018
Chairperson: Danny & Kate Weathers

Campbell    Hill             Polidor       
Chitty         Kuhn          Ward 
Driggers      Lewis         Weathers
Eister         Perry

Labor Day Picnic  2018
Chairperson: Benji & Deegie McGill

Baldwin       Conner           McGill 
Barker         Crouse          Milsapps   
M. Brown     M. Hughes     Moore
Cannin         Jurewicz        Snyder

The Matrix below shows members designated to host our association picnics as has been a Bayshore tradition for many years.

If your name appears as Chairperson for an event and you don't want to serve as the chairperson ….please find someone within your group to take your place !!

Thank you all in advance for your time and effort in making our picnics so much fun for everyone !!!!

the Chairpersons Picnic Instructions
   Annual Meeting April  2020
Chairperson: Glenn and Si Bischof

Albritton     Melsheimer     Terry
Bischof       J. Miller          Traxler   Elliott          Silver           A. Williams
​K. Jones

July Fourth Picnic  2020
Chairperson: Alan Godfrey 

Crouch       LaFerriere    Overcamp  
Godfrey      A. Martin      Todd
K. Hughes  Morrow         Westall

Labor Day Picnic  2020
Chairperson: Bob and Nan Jones

Agee         Ham             R. Miller
Caley        C. Hughes     Taylor
Crocker      R. Jones       Walker
Greene       Littlejohn       Wolla