1) Set up a meeting with your team and Decide on the Menu. Do this about 30 days prior to the picnic so the order can be placed. Caterers get very busy on holidays! (Order enough for 100 people in April & September and 125 in July) Below are suggestions, your team may come up with more creative meal arrangements!

Fried Chicken (Ingles makes the best!) 
Piggaso's 885-1133
The Smokin' Pig 787-7827
Note: If tea is not furnished by the caterer, you will need to purchase or make 4 gallons of sweetened tea and 2 gallons of unsweetened tea.

2) Purchase 6 - 8 two - liter drinks. ( Diet and Regular) 

3) Get Key for park Storage Room (located between lakeside park bathrooms) from the Association President or other board member. Check on Supply of Paper products for the picnic (will also be monitored by Jean Powers) (cups, dessert and dinner plates, napkins, cutlery, paper towels, aluminum foil, 40 gal. trash bags, name tags, table coverings and toilet paper) 

If necessary, purchase necessary supplies for 100 people.

4) Appoint a group from your team to decorate on the day of the party.
Check Restrooms for Soap, Toilet Paper & Towels. 
Sweep or Blow Shelter. 
Decorate Tables ( Balloons, Flowers, etc . Optional) 
Don't staple table covering down, use tape or table clips 
Spend no more than $25 for decorating.  
Use 40 gallon plastic bags in all trash cans. 

5) Appoint 1 or 2 people to collect the money for meals. They also pass out name tags and greet our guests for the evening. Contact the Bayshore Treasurer to pick-up the cash box and money for change.

6) Appoint a group from your team to clean up after the party.

Take all trash to the recycling center including restroom trash. 
Check and Lock Restrooms 
Wipe off and fold table cloths 
Sweep Shelter 
Return Supply Room key to board member 
Lock up Park as you exit 

7) Chairperson and person(s) collecting money must submit a total amount collected with their signatures to the treasurer.

8) Turn in all Receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

Bayshore Association Picnic Instructions