Tennis Park.......The live oak tree by the playground has been trimmed and the one security light has been replaced by two brighter lights.  This should go a long way in  alleviating the inappropriate littering we have experienced recently.  The road through the park has also been chained off to keep people out of the park at night.  As a result, parking space is limited around the tennis park.  When you park on the grass we ask that you please drive gently and not rip up the turf.

Bathrooms Closing....We normally turn off the water and winterize the drains by December 1st.  We re-establish service around March 15th each year.

Shelter Use......If you use the shelter at any time for group gatherings and just personal use, please remember to take the trash you create with you when you leave.  We do not provide any trash removal.  We have had trash and food left behind which makes for an unpleasant mess for someone else to clean up and remove. 

Lakeside Park Gate……PLEASE don't forget to close and lock the gate when you enter or leave the park.  You may not have been the one to open it, but if you pass through it, it is your responsibility to close it.  The exception to this is, if someone has reserved the pavilion for a large function expecting  to have guests entering and leaving.  Keeping the gate locked helps to protect our community property from misuse.  Thanks!

Parking on the Street.........Parking is not allowed on Baypoint Drive. (Or in our flower beds.)  Parents please stress this to your young drivers.  If people park on the street, we can only assume they are not Bayshore Association Members, and should not be in our park.  We will ask them to leave.

Skateboarders and Roof Sitters at the Pavilion.....Parents please talk to your kids! We would hate to see anyone hurt from such action and we, as a community, cannot be held responsible for any accidents as a result of this. 

Park News
Lake Park......The courtesy dock near the boat ramp has a new deck installed.  The work was done on April 12 and 13th by Donnie White, Frank Little, Earl Thomas, Gene Westmoreland, Ed Kirmss and Gordon Powers.   Our neighbor, Scott Davis at Walhalla Lumber Supply, gave us a great deal on the lumber! The total for the lumber and hardware was about $330.  To Scott and all the guys who helped, Thank You.
You can see pictures in the Photo Gallery.
Park Addresses...... Our parks have street addresses!  If you are inviting guests for an event you can provide them a street address now.  (Many people use GPS's.)  
Tennis Park is 1209 Baypoint Drive
Lake Park is 1236 Baypoint Drive
Park Reservations ...... On April 28, 2018 our membership approved a fee change for reserving the park pavilion from $20 to $25.  Also, previously the fee was not required for reservations of 15 people or less.  Now the fee applies for all reservations regardless of the number of people attending. 
Of course, our pavilion is still free of charge for churches, and other non-profit organizations when sponsored by an association member.   Please pay your reservation fees in a timely manner.