Remember Oconee County has a leash law! There are still some dogs roaming our area.  If you find it a nuisance while jogging, running, walking, etc. you are welcome to call  Animal Control at 888-0221.  See the                                    for complaint forms.      Let’s all keep our dogs in their own backyard.  This website also has a "Noise Complaint Form" if you have a cronic problem with distrubing barking.
FOR SALE...When your property is for sale, whether you reside there or not, please keep the grass mowed and the shrubs trimmed not only to present value to prospective buyers but for the benefit of your neighbors as well as the entire community.
Safety on our streets………We can’t be reminded enough about obeying the speed limits on the streets in our community.  Please remember that when you come to a stop sign it means STOP, not just roll on thru or ignore completely.  Everyone is in a hurry but we don’t need a tragedy at an intersection to remind us.  We have children and pets whose lives have great value.  Continue to talk to your young drivers as well. 
News around the neighborhood
Bicyclists/ Walkers and Runners

  1. Walkers should Face the traffic: If your walking routes do not have bike paths or               sidewalks and you are forced to walk on the road, always walk in the direction                 facing oncoming traffic.
  2. Bicyclists Ride with the traffic: Ride on the right side of the road, so you are riding            with the traffic.  There are some cases where this rule may not be appropriate.  In            our neighborhood there a number of blind turns, which you may choose to approach        from the other side to give yourself a chance to avoid a car.
  3. Bicyclists Need to Follow Traffic Signs: Cyclists should follow road rules just like a           car.
  4. Dress correctly: If you are training when it is still dark, ensure that you are dressed          to be seen. Drivers at night or early mornings are rarely on the lookout for cyclists            and walkers, so you need to advertise your presence as vividly as possible. Wear            light-colored or reflective clothing like shocking-pink or brilliant orange. The worst            color to wear is a dark blue or black.  If you only own dark color sweat suits, put on          a white T-Shirt over it or put some reflective tape on your back and front.
  5. Never walk alone: If at all possible, walk with a training partner. Not only does this            increase your safety while walking; it also makes your training so much more                    enjoyable. In the absence of a training companion, always tell someone which route        you will be walking and what time you expect to return.
  6. Walk defensively. Don't simply assume that all road-users know about the                         pedestrian has right-of-way' rule. Many of them don't.
  7. Lose the jewelry: Leave the valuables back home. I am always aghast at how many         individuals go out literally dripping with jewels. The only accessory you need is a             wristwatch with a stopwatch function.
  8. Vary your routes: Don't establish regular patterns by walking the same route at the           same time every day. Keep one step ahead of any would-be muggers by randomly           varying your routes and the times that you go out. Not only is it safer, but it's a lot             more interesting!
  9. Carry ID: Always carry some form of identification in case of an accident or medical          emergency. If you are away from home on holiday or business, make a note of the           address where you are staying.
10. Leave the MP3 Player at home: That way you will be alert to any potential dangers,         be it a dog, a fast-approaching car, or the sound of other people around you.

New Covenant Amendment! An amendment to our Bayshore Covenants and Restrictions was approved by a majority of Bayshore Property Owners in the fall of 2011.  This amendment was recorded by the Oconee County Register of Deeds on December 21, 2011, (Book 1873 / Page 95). It can be viewed on the county website under the register of deeds department.  The purpose of the amendment is to protect and maintain the family oriented lifestyle of our neighborhood by further defining the term "single family dwelling" by limiting the number of unrelated people that can live in
a Bayshore house.
Bayshore I-VII is now zoned "Lake Residential District"!  At the Oconee County Council meeting on 1/17/2012, the council unanimously adopted ordinance #2011-31.
This is the result our petition signed by a majority of the property owners this past fall.
The Bayshore zoning covers 236 tax mapped properties, 188 property owners and 172 houses in Bayshore Sections I thru VII.  Lake Residential is the most restrictive zoning district available in Oconee County.   Thank you to all of you in our community who helped make this a reality.

Did you Know!  It is illegal to park on our streets.  If you have a cronic parking problem that you can't seem to resolve with someone.  You should call the Oconee County Sheriff's Office call 638-4111. 
Oconee County, South Carolina - Code of Ordinances
Chapter 26 "Public Roads"  (f)  Road safety.
(1) All persons shall park vehicles and equipment at least three feet from the edge of the driving surface on all roads. Parked vehicles and equipment shall not block ditches and swales or in any way inhibit drainage.

South Carolina State law requires that you notify the SC Forestry Commission prior to burning outdoors.  
The law applies to burning leaves, limbs and branches that you clean up from your yard.  In Oconee County, you must call them at 1-800-705-8618.  Just dial the number, follow the instructions of the recorded message and in most cases, you just have to leave your name, address and phone number.
The law requires that you clear a firebreak around the burning site and have the right equipment available to keep the fire under control. You must also stay with the fire until it is completely safe.
You may visit the SC Forestry Commission website for additional information. 
We have a link to this website on the Contacts/Links page of our website.