Bayshore 2012 Neighbor of the Year
We launched something new last year, the "Neighbor of the Year" award. 
There are a lot of ways to define a "good neighbor" and it may mean something different to each of us.  But we asked you all to nominate a neighbor who you think is deserving of recognition.  You sent us seven nominations

The submissions (without names) were judged by a panel of three Oconee County public service professionals, none of whom live in Bayshore.  Their combined scores resulted in a clear winner.  
The 2012 Bayshore Neighbor of the Year is:

The Fain Family

The other neighbors nominated were:
Tom Campbell
Hayward Douglass
Wanda McRoberts
Liz Metzger
Jean Powers
The Silver Family
The Fain's Nomination:
I am nominating The Fain’s as Neighbor of the Year. I have had lots of neighbors during my life and they all owned guns (and used them periodically). The Fain’s do not shoot firearms. They chose to live on the water and they enjoy water fowl and beavers. They not only don’t shoot wildlife they adore wild creatures and try to help animals who appear to be in distress. They take extraordinary care of their domestic dog-seeking specialized veterinary care to help her withstand a serious illness. They look out for my dog too-checking on her during the day when I’m gone if they hear her barking. They look out for me too. One night when I hear a loud pop, like a transformer blowing, Tish Fain called my house to see if I was okay-she said they wanted to be sure I hadn’t been shot (it sounded like a gun shot to them). Another time when my cat Willow was out late at night and I was calling her loudly every 15 minutes Tish called again, she and Cliff had gone outside with their flashlight to look for Willow. My own family doesn’t do that for me. The Fain’s take very good care of their landscape. I refer to Cliff as a “lawn ranger” because the lawn equipment is frequently buzzing-and when I hear it I am reassured that all is well in the world. After I had surgery I felt bad because I wasn’t able to clean up the beach that borders my house but I didn’t feel bad for long. Without ever being asked to and without ever mentioning his intentions, Cliff kept my beach clean for several months. The week I moved here the Fain’s showed up on my doorstep with a plant as a gift. They deliver hand baked Christmas goodies to my door every Christmas. Lastly the Fain’s are happy people. This is rather extraordinary considering there are three generations of people who live together there. And I once met Clifford’s mother who was there for a visit (which means four generations were in the same house at the same time) and she was smart as a whip-no mental cloudiness there. I feel so grateful to have the Fain’s as neighbors. They are kind to me, kind to wildlife, kind to domestic animals, and kind to each other. I highly recommend them to all who are seeking neighborly nirvana.
(The Fain's were presented an engraved plaque and a Copper River Gift Card.)
By the way, we also asked for a comment from each judge, this is what they said:

Judge 1. I really enjoyed reading these, and was inspired to be a better neighbor myself!
Judge 2. Thanks for the opportunity!
Judge 3. I am glad to see such wonderful people still exist in this world!