Need a Neighbor? 

Most of us in Bayshore have great neighbors and part of being a great neighbor is being there for each other.  However, many of our neighbors also have careers/jobs that keep them away from home during much of the daylight hours.  

So, we want everyone to know, if you have a situation that needs neighborly assistance (not a 911 crisis) that there's always some of us either at home or around the neighborhood most of the time.  And we wanted to be sure you know that you can call on us.     

Please call our Bayshore Neighbor to Neighbor line.  We care about our neighbors.

Typical situations that might require a neighbor include but are not limited to: 
You are new to the area and need help finding reliable services.
You really need a trip to the store and for some reason you are unable to get out.
You or someone in your home suddenly becomes ill and you don’t have family nearby to help you manage the event.   

If you need a neighbor feel free to phone;
Gordon and Jean Powers 643-1019
David and Rita Trinder 985-0642
Phil and Becky Buckiester 882-4835

Want to be a neighbor on call to respond to other’s needs?  Call Gordon or Ken to sign up.
The Ideal neighbor to neighbor responders are at home quite a bit, resourceful, and like helping others.