About Bayshore

Bayshore By-Laws, Article 2

"The purpose of the corporation is to lessen the burdens of government by attempting to alleviate community tensions, discrimination, deterioration, juvenile delinquency, and other community problems through education, counseling, social functions, and community projects."

We are a community organization that offers a voluntary membership. The current fee is $125 a year and the year begins April 1st and runs through the end of March. If a member joins anytime during that period the fee is prorated accordingly. With the membership comes access to all the amenities Bayshore has to offer. We have a lovely swim area with a beach and swim platform. The park also has a boat launch area with a courtesy dock. Our pavilion area can be reserved for special events by members and we also have 3 picnics a year which is open to all members. The annual business/picnic meeting is in April, 4th of July and Labor Day are also celebrated with a picnic. All common areas are maintained by a contractor that is paid with dues. During the year volunteers are invited to clean up the park, beach area or tennis courts. These areas are gated so that they remain available to association members only. Keys are given to homeowners and we strongly encourage them to lock the gates after entering and exiting those locked areas. This is so important to protect the property that we all value as Bayshore residents. We have a board of directors that consists of association members who volunteer to fill the positions.

The Bayshore Story
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On August 17, 1959 Rochester Real Estate Company purchased 694 acres of land to develop several subdivisions.  84 of those acres were lost to Lake Hartwell when the lake was filled.

Bayshore Subdivision was developed in eight sections, beginning in July 1962.  An additional 55 acres was purchased in 1964 which represents most of what is now Section VII, the tennis court area, and at least 5 other small acreage tracts.

In accordance with the conditions of it's charter, the first meeting of the Bayshore Estates Owners was held July, 11, 1962 at 5pm at the Bayshore Recreation Club lot for the purposes of organizing the Bayshore Recreation Club, electing officers and establishing annual dues.  Present were Stewart Harvin, C. M. Rochester, Alfred and Betty Newton, Cliff and Lou Fain, and Dr. D. H. Petersen.   Alfred Newton was elected temporary president.

Items discussed at the meeting were among those which might be included in the by-laws;  Rights and privileges of members. Use of club facilities by guests, parking restrictions, docking regulations, and accommodations for large groups.  Development of docking and parking areas and swimming facilities on the point to the rear of lot #1.

Many of the items were discussed, planned, pondered and details worked through over the next few years.  By-laws were developed, rules for use of the park area was drafted. Work parties  were formed to clean up the woods.  A swimming beach was established on the lake directly in front of  what is now our lake park pavilion, then later moved to it's current location in the cove for more protection from boaters and skiers.  The Bathhouse was built.  A bridge was built across the ravine between the bathhouse and the beach.
In the July 1963 meeting, after a question on the proposed boundaries of Bayshore Estates, Bruce Rochester stated that at this time the subdivision could include up to 150 lots.

First record of discussion regarding incorporation of the association was noted  in the a "Bulletin To All Members" dated May 1970.   Mr. James Turner performed a great amount of work toward the creation of the non-profit corporation.  At the April 28, 1972 annual meeting, the members present voted and passed a resolution to support formation of a new organization to be known as "Bayshore Association Inc".  

To be continued...........
First record of constructing a shelter at the lake park was recorded in the annual meeting of April 23, 1973.  On June 3, 1974 the deed for the lake park property was received from Mr. Rochester, allowing the board to proceed with several projects which have been pending such as the shelter, new boat dock, picnic tables and  to negotiate use of the Corps of Engineers controlled waterfront property.  In a September 22, 1974 meeting the membership approved several projects including repairing the tennis court, purchasing a new boat dock and building a shelter at the lake park.  However, funds for construction of the shelter were not available until 1979.  The original shelter (21ft. x 30ft.) was completed in the spring of 1979.

April 3, 1975 Deeds were received for the land which contains the tennis courts and ball field, a tract of land between Arlington Heights and South Arlington Drive and two lake access ways along Longshore Ave.   A major renovation to the tennis courts was completed in July 1975.   

Throughout most of the seventies, a relentless effort was made by a number of our association members to bring fire hydrants to Bayshore.   There were meetings, estimates, surveys and more meetings.  There was even a meeting with the Governor!  Finally, funds were appropriated from the state, county and with support from Rochester Real Estate Company the system was placed in service in mid 1979.   A monumental accomplishment of epic portion by a group of dedicated members of our community.

The swimming platform at the beach, was completed and installed for the 1980 summer season.

In the fall of 1982 Bayshore Association established a Neighborhood Watch program.

The crosstie steps on the lake side of the pavilion were installed in the spring of 1983 by Al Littlejohn, Terry Titus, John McIntosh, Ted Taylor, Page Crouch, Dick Hanson, Roger Williams and Paul Caley.

The tennis courts were resurfaced in December 1988.  The original wooden playground structure was removed and the current playground structure was erected in 1998 in a series of work parties and paid for with $2815 from a special playground fund contributed by association members and $1493 from association funds. 

All content included in "The Bayshore Story" is documented in existing  meeting minutes, Newsletters or other Bayshore Association records.